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Session one: In which we meet the movers and shakers in our wee hard hold, 1st up there is Grace a young woman who arbors violence n seem ta have a bit of baggage or at least that’s what it would seem by the way she gives a few people round town the stink eye. Tennille seems to think she is something special through, keeps her close by…
Next up is Brutus D’Lux, he is the one not to be fucked with, he works the bar at The Game Station n runs a few side gigs for some extra coin, he is covered with ink showing the good and bad side of this wee world we live in.
Big Mac is one of the Golden Archers, he preaches of the ways of Ronald –son of Donald – who was, so he says, the savior of us n ours in the Cola Wars, handy in a dust up n a smooth talker to boot.
Proust has many fingers in many pies, if you want something or someone talk to this man, just don’t mention the Law Dogs as he is in deep to them… Had a good sized crew up until recently when a job went south.
Rigger is a relative new comer to the Hardhold, he seems a bit out of place, fuck out of time would be more accurate, good with a gun and skilled in the scav trade, he seems to have a noise for finding the best tech.
Emmy rounds out our crew, she owns n runs The Game Station, a watering hole and games parlour, a place to unwind n conduct business. Of course an establishment like this has its own set of issues weather it’s retards wanting to close down the bar, like our past hating local whack nut Grams or someone wanting in on the action like Rolfball Regardless she would be up shit creak without Ratchet, a local techie who helped her set up shop, he is also responsible for keeping the tech in working order.

Overseeing the Hardhold is Tenniel, he has been here as long as anybody, he is the reason our lil town can siphon energy from the tube, the strange object that is the centre of the Hardhold.
No one knows how he does it n he ain’t telling regardless of who asks.
Lotta the locals think he is in ta some big bad hoodoo magic, whispers are he can tap in ta the energies from the maelstrom n shape it ta his will. He has a lot of cards in play n they are all kept close ta his chest.
Where you find Tenniel you will also find Mort, a huge son of a bitch, nearly 7 foot tall n built like a tank, he is Tenniel’s bodyguard. Not sure what is more creepy about him the fact he never says a word or that his skin and hair are both an off putting shade of grey. On a side note he can draw a picture that is worth 10,000 words, weird ha?

We find our little band going about their day as per the norm or close to normal as we get in this fucked up land. Just the regular jobs going badly for some or attacks by the maelstroms wolfs for others when a flaming ball lights up the afternoon sky, the roar is incredible n when whatever the fuck it was makes contact with the earth, it causes a huge dust cloud n terrible shaken ta boot.
Now old Tenniel seems pretty damn interested in whatever the hell that thing was n ropes our band of miscreants in ta fetching it for him.
Only problem (fuck, who am I kidding, that is far for the only problem…) is that it landed in Deatts “Family” land. Now the Deatts are not a real family these days, they are just so inbreed it’s hard ta tell who is related ta who, let alone how. N ta make matters worse some of em have a taste for longpork too.

Now Tenniel to his credit has brokered a truce with the hillbilly savages, we don’t fuck with you n you don’t fuck with us, hell the Hardhold even trades with em sometimes… Problem is who the hell knows how they will react to a bit o the sky falling in ta their land and will they want ta give it up?
Anyways, our band or heroes… Fuck I can say that with a straight face… is packing up take leave at 1st light when Tenniel calls em all in ta his office….

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